News from Costa Rica

SAI of Costa Rica conducts national survey on transparency

In February, a specialized technical team from the SAI of Costa Rica conducted a national telephone survey to study the opinions of citizens and public procurement bidders on transparency in the country. Specifically, questions were asked about the following topics:

  • Access to information: perception of access to information from municipalities, institutions, government and others.
  • Accountability: perception of accountability from officials, institutions, economy, finance and development plans.
  • Citizen participation: participation in local groups, public hearings, formulation of complaints, claims, etc.
  • Administrative Contracting: perception of transparency in the stages of government contracting and electronic purchasing systems.

This effort from the office of the comptroller is based on the Institutional Strategic Plan 2013-2020. The results are valuable inputs for higher control of public finances while contributing to the promotion of social control and political control of the Legislature. Results of the survey can be found here: Results of the National Survey on Perception of Transparency 2016.

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