What Does Success for INTOSAI Look Like to Me?

“A successful INTOSAI is one where Supreme Audit Institutions have independence in that they are able to complete their work but at the same time be able to attract and train very competent workers, so that we can ensure we give proper feedback and good counsel to governments, as well as to citizens.”

—Kimi Makwetu, Auditor General, SAI South Africa and Chairman, Capacity Building Committee

“Working together to address common issues of importance not just for our countries and regions but for the world.”

—Geoffrey Simpson, Director of the Presidency, European Court of Auditors

“Success has many faces. One, for example, would be the Journal, which is getting better and better. I believe it will be even better than it is already. The other success is if INTOSAI is accepted worldwide as a true representative of our community.”

—Imrich Gal, Head Counsel, International Relations Division, Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic


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