Over the years, the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) community and various groups working with INTOSAI support have moved towards electronic communication. Information on various committees, working groups, their functions, membership and meetings are available online via countless websites. Useful as these sites are for providing data and information, most do not provide a forum for community interaction on a regular basis.

Due to the static nature of the information being shared, INTOSAI identified the need for an INTOSAI Collaboration Tool (ICT). The ICT was developed in 2005 and was managed by the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of India. Through the use of modern technology, the ICT was designed not only to distribute information, but, more importantly, to enable open communication, and knowledge sharing, as well as facilitate decision making within INTOSAI.

The INTOSAI Community Portal Emerges

With the passage of time and the convergence of mobile and Internet technologies, the requirement for an updated forum allowing for even more collaboration was evident. With this aim in mind, the Knowledge Sharing Committee (KSC) and the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) partnered to create the INTOSAI Community Portal (Portal) as a replacement mechanism for the ICT. The Portal, available at intosaicommunity.org, is open to all members of the INTOSAI community.

IDI provides the technical infrastructure and support to the Community Portal, while daily operation support stems from the SAI of India.

The Impact of the Portal Already Felt

Currently, the Portal hosts several Communities of Practice (CoPs) and facilitates virtual meetings for various INTOSAI groups. The CoPs have proven to be an efficient and effective tool to share knowledge and experiences, particularly for specific subject matters. As the Portal becomes more popular, expectations include an increase in CoP activity.

The Portal also includes an extensive Digital Library (Library) where important INTOSAI-related documents can be easily accessed. Ultimately, the intent is to populate the Library with essential INTOSAI and regional standards, guidelines, best practice studies, handbooks, research papers and journals to create a single window of reference for the entire INTOSAI community.

Additional tools include blogs, chat, video conferencing and polls/surveys. The Portal has the potential for expansion using more dynamic elements depending as user requirements evolve.

In the Spirit of Sharing

The success of the portal and its evolution into a hub of activity for the larger international auditing community depends on its patronage. Member SAIs are encouraged to spread the word to employees. Various working groups, task forces and sub-committees, too, are urged to utilize the CoP for interaction and discussions.

Getting started is easy! There are two ways to access the Portal. Online registration is now available on the Portal at intosaicommunity.org. Interested members may also enroll by sending an email to ir@cag.gov.in that includes the person’s name, email, position held in the SAI, and SAI authentication.

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