Our Vision

The Journal aims to be a more robust, helpful instrument for auditors, a conduit for learning, a path to promote transparency and good governance, a means to communicate and transfer knowledge and experiences. The INTOSAI community has thoroughly embraced the notion of developing and cultivating innovative practices that enable SAIs to gain and enhance competencies. In an effort to help fulfill this endeavor, the Journal promotes capacity building by highlighting tools, guidance and testimonials from the audit community, inspires contributions and encourages the sharing of best practices.

To broaden international auditing visibility, foster connectivity, and boost collaborative efforts, building on existing opportunities and relationships to share auditing news is key. Blogs, articles, images, and links to published newsletters and journals developed by the various working groups, committees and regions throughout INTOSAI are just some of the things we can exchange to encourage readership and engagement.

If we combine resources, use all of the media at our disposal and avoid duplicating efforts, we can certainly increase our efficiencies in disseminating news and events on a global scale. Working together to create an exciting, informative, educational reading experience that can further enable capacity building and grow from best practices in communication is essential. It isn’t about what I do or what you do…it is about what WE do!

The Journal is a community effort…OUR community!